Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We Are "Stronger Together"

“United we stand and divided we fall.” Truer words have never been spoken. The strength and success of any collective group or entity lies in the ability of that group or entity to stand not as individuals but as one.

By combining ideas and talents and each one working together for the good of the whole, there is almost nothing that cannot be achieved. A group loses its strength when members no longer support each other and put their needs and wants above that of the group.

Plainfield as a community is just like that--stronger together, and weaker when divided. If we are to truly see meaningful change in our city, we must rise above petty squabbles, above pride, above selfish wants, and above vain desires. We must bring our strengths to the table and use them to move our city forward.

Look around you. There are many opportunities to contribute to the success of Plainfield even as we move into this new era of redevelopment and growth. It is more important now than ever that we stand together. There are opportunities to volunteer to work on a committee, there are opportunities to work in our neighborhoods, and there are opportunities to mentor our youth, to share our talents and support those that are working for real change.

Plainfield, this city we love needs us to come together and show our pride by making decisions that are beyond selfish wants and desires. We can choose to sit, do nothing and criticize, or we can get involved. We can share our ideas and work for the greater good of our community. Every single person here can be a valid force for change and can make a difference in our neighborhoods and in our city.

United we stand, but divided we will surely fall. We are stronger together and we must question anyone who would encourage divisive action. We must seek answers for ourselves. We must not stop working to bring our city to a place where every single resident is proud to say That's my Plainfield!

As for me, I will never stop working to make Plainfield better. I will never stop supporting actions that are beneficial not to one group, but to everyone in our city. I will not stop seeking opportunities to raise the quality of life for our residents. And I will always put the needs of our city first. 

We are Stronger together!

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield 


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