Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Creator Will Smile on Me

I just got word, a short while ago, that information regarding a debt that I owe to a credit card company has been distributed on cars throughout the City of Plainfield. I was served with papers on Thursday by a local police officer who works through the Sheriff’s office. The papers pertain to a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of the credit card company that seeks to recover the $46,000 that I owe. The papers that were served on me give me 35 days to respond; failure to respond could result in a judgment against me for the debt owed. Those are the facts.

As most of you know, I have been unemployed for almost two years, and like many of you I have been feeling the pain of the very harsh economy that has seen an unemployment rate hovering close to 10%. I am not immune to financial hardships; I am like all of the other people whose financial lives have been turned upside down due to their unemployment status and other special situations. Unlike most of the unemployed, I am also the victim of a very hostile political climate; one that has brought me to my knees and has rendered me BROKE. Over the past two years I have exhausted all of my financial resources, yet through the grace of God I have been able to make ends meet.

With that said, the attempt by those in law enforcement and politics to embarrass me has not and will not succeed. I am not ashamed of my current financial reality, and will not allow my financial reality to prevent me from reaching my goal of transforming Plainfield’s political landscape. Those who will attempt to use my unearned financial hardship, which was borne of political hatred and venom, will be very disappointed. I remain undaunted, undeterred, unbroken, unbowed, and unbent.

The behavior of those who seek to gain from my financial crisis and misfortune will be called into question, weighed in the balance, and found wanting. Those responsible for the dissemination of court papers served on me just this past Thursday will be investigated and held accountable.

I know beyond any doubt that my wife Amelia and our daughters love me, the Creator loves me, and the scores of friends that I have do love me, and so do the people of Plainfield who elected me as one of their trusted servants. This is what keeps me strong, this is what keeps me going and fighting for Plainfield. This is why I am asking all who read this post to let the rest of Plainfield know that we must reject this cruel act and those who are behind it.

On Tuesday June 7th, vote for Honest, Ethical Leadership for Plainfield, vote for all of the candidates in Column C.

I know, beyond any doubt, that the Creator will smile on me and I will repay every debt that I owe.



Friday, June 3, 2011

Vote Column C this Tuesday, June 7

This is it, the countdown to Tuesday, June 7th, a day that, with your HELP, will transform our local Democratic Party. This is the best opportunity since 2003 that the voters in Plainfield have to chart a new course for the Plainfield Democratic City Committee, known as the PDCC. The New Democrats, in Column C, are-well positioned to bring new leadership to our Democratic Party and to the City, but this can only become a reality with your support. That’s why it is so important for you to come out and support all of the candidates in Column C.

Our opponents in another column are taking you for granted and are making a lame attempt to have you believe that those of us who demand accountability are Republicans. But you know better. The New Democrats are the progressive arm of the Party, and we believe in Honest Ethical Leadership for Plainfield (HELP). With this election, HELP is here.

Therefore, I am asking you to reject the failed leadership of the past, reject the name calling, reject the lies, and embrace a new vision, new ideas, and new leadership. Please help the New Democrats usher in a new era with a changing of the guard and a passing of the baton.

Vote Column C and elect a new Democratic Party in the City with new leadership. I ask you to vote for Cory Storch in Ward 2, DeLois (Dee) Dameron for Ward 1&4 at-large, and for all of the New Democrats for City Committee.

Vote Column C on Tuesday, June 7th.