Friday, June 3, 2011

Vote Column C this Tuesday, June 7

This is it, the countdown to Tuesday, June 7th, a day that, with your HELP, will transform our local Democratic Party. This is the best opportunity since 2003 that the voters in Plainfield have to chart a new course for the Plainfield Democratic City Committee, known as the PDCC. The New Democrats, in Column C, are-well positioned to bring new leadership to our Democratic Party and to the City, but this can only become a reality with your support. That’s why it is so important for you to come out and support all of the candidates in Column C.

Our opponents in another column are taking you for granted and are making a lame attempt to have you believe that those of us who demand accountability are Republicans. But you know better. The New Democrats are the progressive arm of the Party, and we believe in Honest Ethical Leadership for Plainfield (HELP). With this election, HELP is here.

Therefore, I am asking you to reject the failed leadership of the past, reject the name calling, reject the lies, and embrace a new vision, new ideas, and new leadership. Please help the New Democrats usher in a new era with a changing of the guard and a passing of the baton.

Vote Column C and elect a new Democratic Party in the City with new leadership. I ask you to vote for Cory Storch in Ward 2, DeLois (Dee) Dameron for Ward 1&4 at-large, and for all of the New Democrats for City Committee.

Vote Column C on Tuesday, June 7th.




Anonymous said...

Can you please comment on what Rucker is saying. Dir the New democrats or anyone else or organization associated with the New Democrats take any money from the PMUA?

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mr. Mapp, Can yoy tell me how the city was able to hire several convicted felons in the public works department through the recreation budget. I have tried to get a job through public works and have been unsucessful. I do not have a criminal record. I am not a murderer. I thank GOD that the thugs have come together with the mayor but we reward them with taxpayer dollars and hire them when you guys will not give a chance to a college student or myself because we are not connected. I'm very disappointed in plainfield. The felons that have been hire have committed murder's have several drug charges. Mr. Abdul-Houck only had a drug charge many years ago and can not get a honest break. PLEASE HELP.

Adrian Mapp said...

Hello Anon:

I can tell you, without any reservation, that the New Democrats/and or its members have never, I repeat never taken a dime from the PMUA. The misinformation pertaining to this allegation was designed to score cheap political points.

It is illegal for an authority or any governmental entity to make political contributions. Anyone who has information regarding political contributions by an entity such as the PMUA should go to the UC Prosecutor, the New Jersey Attorney General and the FBI.

If the disseminators of this misinformation cannot go to the authorities with their information, then they should retract the falsehoods and apologize to the offended parties.