Friday, June 9, 2017

Thank You, Plainfield!

Dear Plainfield Residents,

I want to thank you for re-electing me to serve as your Democratic candidate for mayor for a second term. I also want to thank you for supporting Joylette Mills-Ransome and Steve Hockaday to serve as your Democratic city council representatives, along with the entire Column A team. I want to thank everyone who filed to run for mayor, for city council, and for county committee. Your  should be proud of your commitment to public service. I look forward to the continuation of the many projects we have in store for Plainfield. The Madison Avenue Skate Park is scheduled to be completed by mid-July, the road construction program is continuing, and the many economic development projects are underway. As I stated many times during the campaign, "We've accomplished a lot--but we're not done yet." Thank you, Plainfield.

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp

City of Plainfield