Monday, October 17, 2016

Plainfield: Loyalty and Trust

Our children fishing at Cedar Brook Pond

There have been many positive changes around our city since 2014. Crime has fallen, investors have displayed renewed confidence in Plainfield through various redevelopment projects, many roadways have been repaved, new businesses have opened in our downtown area, and there are more opportunities for our young people to get involved in community activities.

There are still many who perceive Plainfield as the place it was years ago, and that is simply not so. It has become a norm to emphasize negative information and use it as a basis for vilification of our city. The question we need to ask ourselves, Plainfield, is: “How much loyalty do I owe to my City?”

Just as, within a family unit, people viewing from the outside react to the behavior of the family members, those outside of Plainfield who are looking in feed off the comments and reactions of those who live here. While we cannot pretend that our city is a utopia, we can acknowledge the positive changes that are happening and let the world see Plainfield through our eyes.

So, where do we begin to build trust and loyalty? It begins in our homes; the integrity we display at home follows us into our social gathering places. It extends into our workplaces. How much equity do we place in trust and loyalty? How much of a force for positive change could we be if we displayed that loyalty at all times?

How much could the reputation of Plainfield benefit from the trust and loyalty of those who claim to love her most of all?

As a family, we struggle through hard times together, but if we remain loyal, when one of us rises, we all rise together. This shared prosperity is the real reward in uniting to overcome obstacles; this is the strength that comes from working together; this is how real families and healthy communities create change that lasts; this is how each of us can be part of building this city that we call home. Integrity, trust, and loyalty go hand in hand and family, friendship, and a community built on these can only thrive.

I pledge my loyalty to Plainfield. I have given and will continue to give my time and my energy to the task of building our communities, supporting our businesses, creating jobs, and creating a safe environment in which to enjoy it all.

What will it take to give your loyalty, too, to your family, team, city, state and nation?

Creating One Plainfield, One Future...

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield 

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