Monday, November 7, 2011

A Vote for Democrats This Year is a Vote for President Obama Next Year

This Tuesday, the entire state legislature is up for grabs, and Republicans are chomping at the bit to take control and to join Governor Christie in his march to the extreme right with his single-minded focus of bashing the labor movement--a movement that is responsible for the breadbaskets from which working families have been eating for generations and for the economic engines that have moved them up from poverty to a life of prosperity--into submission. I call on democratic and independent/non-affiliated voters in Plainfield to join me on Tuesday in voting for all of the Democrats in column A.

This is not an election year to stay at home; we must use it to elect Democrats so as to build momentum as we go into 2012, when we will all need to support the reelection of President Obama. A vote for Democrats is a vote for the millionaires tax; it’s a vote for the demonstrators on Wall Street who are fighting for the 99%; it's a vote for upholding collective bargaining agreements; it’s a vote for rebuilding America’s infrastructure and for job creation; it’s a vote for New Jersey’s teachers and for teachers all across the country; it’s a vote for protecting Medicare and Social Security; it’s a vote for working families and for those in the middle who have been squeezed to the point of seeing their American dream turned into a nightmare; and it’s a vote against those who are tearing down our President.

Vote for Democrats in column A. Let’s build momentum and let’s carry it into next year. This Tuesday’s election is really about the reelection of President Obama; it’s a dry run to test your willingness and eagerness to come out in large numbers, as you did three years ago. A vote for democrats this year is a vote for President Obama next year. Don’t give the media any reason to spin the voter turnout from this Tuesday into voter suppression next year. Come out and vote.




Anonymous said...

Good Morning my grandmother ask me to reach out to the council members about the PCTV she is no longer able to attend council or freeholder meetings so she watch the station for all the latest updates so she can make the right decision when it comes to her vote. The station have been playing nothing but board of education stuff going back to September. I have been watching the station also just so I can make sure Grandma wasn't missing anything and all this weekend i must have watch the opening of school at least times. We have been trying to catch the WBLS expenditures meeting and it have not been played not once this weekend. Please find out why we can not see council meeting going back to september. I dont know if you council members watch your station but WE are tired of watching the board of education and not the city council meetings. Grandma pay her taxes to the city of plainfield and at least she should be able to watch the meetings.



Anonymous said...

Mr Mapp, It you do your research, you will remember that the so-called NJ "millionaires tax" was a temporary fee imposed on millionaires. TEMPORARY. The democrats allowed it to expire.

A vote for Green or any of the incumbent democrat freeholders is NOT a vote against Obama. This is a very twisted logic you use. We sorely need some fresh eyes on the freeholder board. Surely, you can't disagree with that.

Pension reform is also sorely needed. What Christie did won't even make a dent in the crisis NJ taxpayers are facing. I'm sick of politicians kowtowing to the Unions.

You really disappoint me.