Thursday, November 17, 2011

Report from the New Jersey League of Municipalities Convention - Day Two: November 16,2011

Assembly Bill 4124 prohibits the distribution of campaign materials at any facility owned, maintained, operated, or leased by a local government. This includes any campaign materials that advocate the nomination or election of a candidate or the defeat of any public question.
Assembly Bill 4034 now permits Freeholders and Municipal Clerks to solemnize marriage and civil union ceremonies.
Senate Bill 2862 - Emergency Information: This bill would require the Municipal Clerk to publish holiday and emergency information on the municipality's website or in the local newspaper.
Within 7 days following the annual reorganization meeting, the Municipal Clerk shall post on the city's website the following: 1) the days which the offices will be closed during the year; 2) days on which the collection of garbage and recycling collection will be suspended or postponed; 3) recommend emergency routes for inclement weather.
If the municipality does not have a dedicated website, the Municipal Clerk shall publish the information along with the schedule of meetings in the municipality's official newspaper.
Assembly Bill 3785 - Public Officials: This bill prohibits an elected public official, who was not reelected to office, from approving the promotion or increasing the compensation of any public officer or employee for whom that elected official is the appointing authority during the period from the date of election to the end of the elected official's term; except as may be provided in a collective negotiation agreement.
Stay tuned for my next report from the 2011 convention.


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Alan Goldstein said...

I can't imagine that A3785 is even constitutional. Maybe they just should make the losers walk the plank the day after the election and seat all the winners.