Thursday, November 10, 2011

Congratulations to My Fellow Democrats

Voters in Plainfield and across the state rejected Republican ideas and Republican values in favor of Democrats who have demonstrated their affinity for the poor and working class people of the state. Voters also sent a message to the governor, expressing their displeasure with his assault on organized labor. The people of Plainfield and the state of New Jersey prefer to hold on to their hopes, dreams and aspirations for a better quality of life, knowing that the remedy can only be prescribed by Democrats who readily acknowledge the ills of our society and are best able to administer a cure.

Republicans, in general, still believe in the notion that ours is a nation built by self-made men and women whose success was achieved solely on the strength of their own initiatives. The social responsibility of government for those who need a helping hand to gain a footing up from the gutters of despair onto a social and economic ladder that would take them to a loftier life altering and fulfilling experience is one that Republicans continue to reject in favor of a permanent underclass.

This stark philosophical difference between Democrats and Republicans is the reason the playing fields of society continue to be laden with hurdles that are "tripping hazards" for America’s poor and middle class. It is partly the basis for the battle that is being waged between the 99% and the 1%; it is the reason why Democrats in general feel the need to come together in opposition to the rigid ways of the Republican party; it is the reason why Plainfield Democrats stood in solidarity with supporters of the trade union movement and in strong opposition to those who, if given the opportunity, would align themselves with a governor who is hell-bent on turning back the clock on organized labor.

Plainfield Democrats and all progressive-minded people must begin to organize in a show of support for President Barack Obama. The focus must now shift to 2012, a year in which much will be at stake, as Republicans are expected to continue digging in their heels to bring government to a halt as they pursue their obstructionist agenda for the purpose of defeating the President. We must push back and we must blunt the force of the Republican attack.

I congratulate all Democrats on their victory at the polls on Tuesday, and I encourage all to mobilize forces to do all that we can and all that we must to ensure victory for President Obama and other Democrats in 2012. Our work must begin today if there is to be success tomorrow. Again, congratulations to my fellow Democrats.



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Bob said...

I hope our Democrats in New Jersey stop enriching themselves and truly help the citizens of this state. Will the leopard change its spots. We'll see.