Saturday, September 27, 2008

What the Candidates See

The choice for me during the upcoming presidential election is very clear; it is based on what the candidates see when the look at America. Here is a sampling of what they see:

Barack Obama sees an America with universal healthcare—where all citizens are treated with dignity and worth; John McCain sees a healthcare system that is based on an individual’s ability to pay—if you can’t pay, you can’t have equal access to healthcare.

Joseph Biden sees the disingenuousness of Sarah Palin’s moral compass; Sarah Palin sees eye to eye with the hypocrisy of the right-wing conservatives on the issue of moral values.

Obama sees a timetable for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and a war that has diverted billions of tax dollars from states and local municipalities; McCain sees the surge expanding from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Joe Biden sees women having dominion over their bodies and the right to choose; Palin sees a need to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Obama sees an economy in crisis as a result of subprime “Russian roulette” under Republican leadership; McCain sees the fundamentals of the economy as “strong” in the face of evidence to the contrary.

Joe Biden sees problems with the righteous indignation of Vice Presidential candidates when put to the test of leadership. Sarah Palin sees righteousness in her holier-than-thou attitude on social issues in the face of her own moral and ethical lapses.

Barack Obama sees a debate on the issues as an opportunity to demonstrate to the American people his readiness to become commander-in-chief at a time of grave economic crisis; John McCain sees multitasking as a painful inconvenience to the presidency, and views fleeing from a presidential debate as the single most effective way to respond to America’s economic woes.

Joe Biden sees Dr. King’s dream and John F. Kennedy’s vision being realized in the person of Barack Obama, who has the White House within his reach; Sarah Palin sees Russia from her house.

Barack Obama sees choosing McCain as a return to the failed policies of George W. Bush and asks why; Obama sees himself as the change that America needs and says “Yes, We Can!” John McCain sees business as usual and four more years of the George Bush presidency under his leadership as “change.”

I see an America taking its place as the respected leader of the free world under the leadership of a qualified visionary who will deliver the change that America needs;

I see Barack Obama as the next president of the United States of America.

What do you see?

Regards, Adrian


Anonymous said...

I see the US getting closer and closer to becoming a socialist country.

I like you Mr. Mapp, but on this I cannot agree. It's pretty much a moot point anyway. NJ will vote for Obama. What you need to do is to convince the rest of the country to vote for O. I don't understand why you waste so much time on the subject.

BTW, no one wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. Never will happen so please stop using that "scare" tatic. I thought you would be above such nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Keep it coming Mr. Mapp -- I am an Obama Mama!

To answer your question -- what I see -- is a HOPE realized... Where color no longer separates us from joining together for the common good of mankind.

Keep IT COMING - Sir.!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. A vote for Obama is nothing but the fulfillment of what the far left has always wanted - socialism. What surprises me so much is that the left purports to believe in individual freedoms & yet their policies are nothing but government controls. We have the highest taxes on corporations and yet the left wonders why companies are moving overseas...and they want to tax them more. Obama's group should be honest and call their platform what it is....socialism. We all know that socialism has never worked.