Monday, September 15, 2008

Barack Obama for America

Many of you know that I am originally from a tiny paradise, an Edenic gem in the Caribbean sea known as Barbados. In Barbados, often times, one erects a galvanized fence known as a paling (informally as palin’) to insulate one’s property from others and to keep people out. But in the past couple of weeks, we have all come to know another "Palin."

Let me just say this to my Plainfield neighbors and to all Americans: no amount of palin’ can insulate John McCain from the failed policies of the Bush administration. No amount of palin’ can protect John McCain from the fact that he has embraced these misguided policies, and no amount of palin’ can keep Barack Obama out of the White House.

This election is about who is best suited to lead this nation at this time and who is most committed to bringing about the change that America needs; it is not an election about race and it certainly is not one about gender.

This election is about who is committed to investing in renewable sources of energy to help reduce our reliance on foreign oil while protecting our environment; it is not about who best advances the interests of big oil by allowing big oil to drill in the Arctic.

This election is about who can best fight for all Americans by pursuing a foreign policy agenda that can most adequately protect our nation while reducing the threat of another war in the Persian Gulf; it is not about who has fought in wars for this country.

Our next president must spend less on fighting wars abroad and must commit more federal dollars to local municipalities to more effectively fight the war against crime and the epidemic of illegal drugs in our neighborhoods.

Our next president must commit to a system of universal healthcare to provide adequate affordable healthcare to every American, a system that would ensure the continued viability of healthcare institutions like Muhlenberg Hospital.

I urge all Plainfielders to vote for change on November 4th.

  • Vote to restore the health of the nation’s economy.

  • Vote for healthcare for the 45 million Americans who are currently without any form of healthcare.

  • Vote to put more teachers in the nation’s classrooms so that the notion of “no child left behind” can become a reality rather than just an empty phrase.

Vote for Barack Obama to become the next president of this, the greatest nation on earth.

Regards, Adrian

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