Thursday, September 1, 2016

Preparing for Back-to-School

The smell of learning is in the air... it's that special time of year again when our learning institutions prepare to throw their doors wide open and welcome a new batch of students for the upcoming academic year.

While some of our young scholars may be less than enthusiastic at the prospect, it nonetheless represents opportunity--an opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to grow, to excel, to get one step closer to achieving a dream and yes...even a step toward changing the world.

While hard-working teachers do their best to coax and inspire throughout the school year, there are things we as parents, relatives, mentors, caregivers can do to support their efforts and help our young people to succeed.

Ask questions daily about things they are learning in school. Not only does this challenge their recall and cement the information in their minds, but it reassures them that there is someone who cares about their eventual success or failure.  As far as we are able, give them the tools they need to support the learning experience; it can be crippling trying to learn when you are at a disadvantage. Share stories of inspiration, praise their efforts generously, provide a path to will be the biggest and best gift you could ever give to them.

Education for all is something I believe most passionately should be a reality and I am dedicated to this. Over the summer, members of my administration facilitated, and through the generosity of sponsors, donated over 400 book bags and school supplies to Plainfield children who were most in need. We want to take that passion further still and guarantee financial support for every single Plainfield student who graduates high school and qualifies for college but has no financial means to go further. 

We are working to bring the "Plainfield Promise" program to reality because we believe that educating our young people is the cornerstone upon which our future rests.

I believe in the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." Let's support and protect our village as the new school year begins. Let's light a fire within our young people and excite them about learning... Let's show them our appreciation when they excel. They hold the promise of change both here in Plainfield, and in the world at large. As Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Creating One Plainfield - One Future,

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield

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