Monday, September 12, 2016

One Plainfield - One Future

What does "One Plainfield - One Future" really mean?

This phrase has been my rallying cry since I took office as Mayor in 2014 and it closes my editorial each week. However, it is far more than merely a catchphrase; I believe it is the mantra upon which the success of our City depends.

Plainfield, we are blessed to be a diverse community. One need only take a walk in the downtown business district to see the manifestation of this diversity, with many different ethnicities existing and flourishing side by side. You can taste it in the food, hear it in the various accents, and see it reflected in the faces of the children.

While we embrace and celebrate these differences, it is most important to understand that the City of Plainfield is our home. If our city is to grow and be as successful as it has the potential to be, it is imperative that we treat it as such, and that we unify, that we support each other...that we put aside petty differences and make decisions that are in the best interests of our City. Divided, we each carve out just a small piece of the pie for ourselves but, united, we share in the synergy that makes "One Plainfield" greater than the sum of its parts. United, we don't just survive... we thrive. United, we can achieve seemingly impossible things against the odds.

There are some who would divide Plainfield according to the ward in which they live; there are some who seek to divide by street, or district, or religion, or ethnicity, or social status, or even philosophy. None of this matters...a failure in our City is a reflection of us all, and each success is a win we all share. Every new business that opens is a building block in the future stability of our local economy; every new redevelopment project is a sign that we are moving forward, and every single dollar spent in Plainfield is a dollar invested in the well-being of our City.

"One Plainfield" means a quality education for every single child who lives here. "One Plainfield" means benefits and opportunities for every resident regardless of address or status. "One Plainfield" means an administration that works tirelessly on behalf of EVERY single Plainfielder. "One Plainfield" means UNITY; it represents hope, it reflects a new way of thinking, and it is our future....

"One Plainfield, One Future"...I see and bear witness to the resilience that exists here; I listen to the stories of hardships and triumphs; I've lived the ups and downs of changing economies and tough fiscal times; and one thing that has always been constant is the strength of the people who live in our community. This is what sets us apart, this ability to get knocked down, to pick ourselves up, and to move on in spite of... It is this resilience that we must tap into as we unify and stand together against division, against crime, against backward thinking... it is what "One Future" is built on. If one of us fails, we all fail... we are only as strong as the weakest among us, and we have to build now for our children and the future of our city.

Plainfield, I am as dedicated today as when I took office in 2014, and I am as single-minded in my purpose to serve every single person in Plainfield. I am as relentless in my pursuit of a quality education for every child and tertiary education for every Plainfield high school graduate. I share my vision with you because I need you to see it and feel it, too. I want you to grow as Plainfield grows, and I want you to feel and live the truth and power that is manifested in the words...

One Plainfield, One Future.

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield


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