Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Real Leadership for a Better Plainfield – Now is the Time to get on Board

Most of you are aware that I have declared my candidacy for mayor of the city of Plainfield. My goal is to provide Real Leadership for a Better Plainfield. I am hoping that my service to the city over the past 14 years, my service to the County of Union as a former Freeholder, my vision for moving Plainfield forward, my experience and deep understanding of municipal government, are some of the key factors that have or will caused me to earn your support.

Plainfield needs a new leader; a leader who understands the nuances of government, one who knows the importance of surrounding oneself with decent competent talent and, one who knows how to get the job done. The job cannot be done in isolation and certainly not by standing alone on an island. It can only be done through the collective efforts of many working together as one. To that end I have established relationships within the city with individuals who are willing to lend their support both financially and with sweat equity to assist me in achieving the goal of becoming the city’s next mayor. I have also cultivated relationships across different NJ counties so as to be well positioned to gain access to resources that Plainfield needs in order to move forward.

Furthermore, I am in the process of creating a team of volunteers who will commit to  working very closely with me over the next several months leading up to primary election day in June 2013. The best outcome will be achieved through partnership, cooperation and collaboration. I am asking you to join forces with me as we partner to create a compelling platform with a vision that is appealing to, and right for all of Plainfield.

To sign up for my Volunteer Team, please email your contact information to or call (908) 577-0630. I look forward to partnering with you to provide Real Leadership for a Better Plainfield. Now is the time to get on board, on the road to victory.
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