Monday, September 24, 2012

"Baracking" on Doors in Allentown, PA: A Way to Make a Difference

This past Saturday I joined forces with volunteers from Plainfield and a few other nearby municipalities on a bus trip to Allentown, Pennsylvania. We all came together with Obama for America (OFA) and headed to Pennsylvania, which is considered one of the swing states. Everyone on the bus was “fired up and ready to go” to PA to stump for the re-election of President Obama. It was a diverse group of individuals deeply aware of the importance of going the distance and leaving no stones unturned. This trip was organized by Black Women for Obama (Vera Greaves and Audrey Gatling), Latinos for Obama (Noemi Candia and Chris Estevez), and Madras por Obama (Kim Wei). 
There was also very strong support from the Union County Canvass Coordinator Carmencita Pile, affectionately known as CT, who was very instrumental in coordinating this group of Obama volunteers who journeyed to Allentown to "Barack" the vote. The group covered many miles on the streets of Allentown Baracking on doors to identify registered voters supportive of President Obama and registering new voters who pledged their support. 
All in all, the bus trip was very successful; it resulted in hundreds of newly registered voters for Obama. With only 43 days remaining to Election Day, I encourage all supporters of the President to find volunteer opportunities in their local communities and to set aside one or two days to go to Pennsylvania to Barack the vote. We owe it to ourselves, to our families, to the next generation, and to the future of this country to get involved in this campaign and to get President Obama re-elected. 
Baracking on doors in Allentown this past Saturday was an experience to remember; it was a way to get involved and to make a difference.

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