Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Colleague, the Honorable Cory Storch, 2nd Ward Councilman

This blog post is in support of my council colleague from the 2nd Ward, the Honorable Cory Storch, a shining example of good governance. I first served on the Council with Cory back in 2004 before going on to become a Union County Freeholder. Since returning to the council over a year ago, I continue to work very closely with him on a number of good government initiatives that we believe will roll away the shades of darkness from City Hall in order to let the penetrating rays of the sun shine through. Cory takes his job as a councilman very seriously, and he always tries to find common ground, where he and his colleagues can stand in unity as the governing body of the City.

Councilor Storch has represented the people of the 2nd Ward with a level of commitment and dedication that is expected of every elected official; additionally, he is thoughtful, methodical, and very rational in his approach to the many issues that the council must deal with on a daily basis. Councilor Storch, beyond any doubt, serves his constituents and all of Plainfield with distinction. He is a voice of reason, an advocate for transparency, and a catalyst for change.

Councilor Storch happens to be the Executive Director of Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services, an agency that serves the needs of people with mental disabilities. Just a couple years ago, Cory was recognized by his professional colleagues as well as the larger mental healthcare community as Director of the Year, an indication of the high esteem in which he is held and the degree to which he excels in his profession.

Councilor Storch brings the same level of commitment that he is known for in the healthcare profession to his duties and responsibilities as a councilman for the 2nd Ward. He doesn’t represent any particular class of people, any one ethnic group, or any special interest; he represents the diversity that is Plainfield—its beautiful mosaic, melting pot, salad bowl—all terms to describe the wonderful diversity that we here in the city gladly embrace.

The criticism of Councilor Storch and his well-respected organization have been subject to over the past couple months is not deserved, in fact, it is misplaced, unwarranted, and untrue.

I know better than most the pain that is caused by the deliberate acts of misrepresentation by people who are hell-bent on tearing down or destroying what one has spent years building up. This is one of the reasons I feel compelled to speak out in support of Councilor Storch. The late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “What self-centered men have torn down, other centered men must build up.”

As the leader of the New Democrats, the progressive arm of the Plainfield Democratic Party, I have an obligation to speak out against the poison that has been put out about my well-respected council colleague. Councilor Storch is a good Democrat, a good family man, a good person and dedicated councilman and public servant.

I stand with councilor Storch 100%, and I look forward to continuing working with him to move Plainfield forward.




Anonymous said...

Of course you support your fellow New Dems. That is a higher priority then the needs of Plainfield. No wonder Plainfield is such a pig. You have been at the leadership for how long? 15+ years. Same with Storch.

What do we have to show for it? More crime. More taxes. And more hot air.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with Cory Storch or Bridgeway.

This has to do with a combination of Rashid Burney losing under the support of Jerry Green, Rebecca Williams winning, anonymous people or person placing Rebecca Williams lawn signs all over the perimeter of Jerry Green's property.

Perhaps JG's attorney has given him better advice than JG gave to Bridgeway's disgruntled employee. I would like to believe we won't be hearing from JG for a while since he has been a lil bit quiet. But then again we are speaking of mean Jerry Green.

What is he up to next?!

He is like the Eveready Bunny - he AIN'T STOPPING.

I too support Cory Storch 100Plus Percent and I am of African American descent!

Anonymous said...

Jerry Green is baaaaaacccckkk!!! And he is truly PISSED!!!

Bob said...

Cory Storch is a good Councilman and I have been in the room many times to see his style and he is totally different than the Jerry Green/Sharon dems who are all about themselves and not about the people of Plainfield. The old dems are out and they better change their ways and start working for the citizens of this city and not for themselves or Jerry. Jerry is out of here too at the next election, so get used to the idea, those who want the old, non productive and deceitful days.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Jerry is back, he just shows more and more people how ignorant he truely is. AS for the NEW Dems - keep doing what you are doing.

Rob said...

I don't know about any of you...But I seriously was missing Dumb and Dumber...welcome back Jerry and Sharon.
Jerry Green is the classic case of NEVER knowing when to keep your stupid mouth shut. Here's a pointer for Jerry...when you think it..DON'T SAY IT...YOU WILL BE LIGHT YEARS AHEAD IN THE EYES OF PLAINFIELD.