Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Enhancements to Our Traffic Safety: Portable Speed Humps

A few months ago, I met with Plainfield Department of Public Works Director David G. Brown, II, to discuss concerns raised by some of my constituents in a number of areas, one of which had to do with the installation of speed humps as traffic calming devices. During that conversation, I suggested the utilization of portable speed humps across the city. The Director agreed that portable speed humps were a very good idea and said that he was considering them, with advice from the City’s engineer. Below is the text of an email from Director Brown in response to what we know is a city-wide problem:

“Councilman Mapp:
Please be advised that a joint meeting between the Department of Public Works & Urban Development (DPW&UD) and the Police Department was held today and the following recommendations are being made to deter speeding on various streets:

1. Our research has found the use of temporary speed humps has been somewhat effective in other municipalities, and 4 (one per ward) complete sets should be purchased by the City to deploy at the recommendation of the Police Department. The Police Department has recommended the use of this traffic calming device on Field Avenue as soon as funds (approximately $6,000 - $10,000) can be identified and the devices purchased and received. [The plan is to rotate the 4 complete sets around the City per Ward or if necessary to utilize them all in a concentrated area if recommended by the Police Department.] Please be advised that temporary and/or permanent speed humps will only be utilized on secondary roadways, which is consistent with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration;
2. The deployment of portable speed limit radar signs will be placed at various locations beginning Monday, August 30, 2010 to immediately begin to address speeding concerns and enforcement on the streets identified by residents and recommended by the Police Department. These radar signs will allow us to collect data where they are deployed so that we may analyze that data and other traffic calming and enforcement techniques can be utilized;
3. The City Engineer and the Police Department’s Traffic Officers next week are going to assess various intersections on the streets identified by residents that speeding is occurring and decide if a four way stop sign can be utilized as a traffic calming measure.; and
4. Policy going forward in the City’s Road Improvement Program will be to have the City Engineer analyze on secondary roads in conjunction with the Police Department’s Traffic Officers if permanent speed humps should be utilized and be a part of that specific street design plan.
I hope this is to your satisfaction and I am available via email or by cell phone if you have any questions or concerns about the Administration’s strategy regarding speeding complaints and traffic calming measures.
David G. Brown II
Director of Public Works and Urban Development”

Although the steps outlined above by Director Brown will not satisfy every single one of the specific complaints I received from constituents, these traffic calming measures are welcome ways of improving traffic safety on our roadways. I wish to thank Director Brown, Director Hellwig, and the Plainfield Police Division for being responsive to citizens’ complaints.




olddoc said...

Reasonable and positive planning. Results will depend on utilization aand may lead to long term insyallations.

Rob said...

West 8th...Anywhere between Park and Plainfield Avenue would be appreciated for part time use of the speed bumps!!! Glad to see alternative thinking being employed..

Anonymous said...

Why on EARTH are you planning TRAFFIC Safety enhancements when VIOLENT and PROPERTY CRIMES are SPIKING..?!?!?!

Adrian, you are an intelligent man, PLEASE refrain from political posturing and do your job, no matter how unpopular it may be. Please, do your job!


Bob said...

This sounds like a good idea, but I ride my bike on Field Ave. from Eighth St. to the S. Plainfield border and the road is dead and never fast traffic. I hope they won't waste speed humps there. The other direction you have churches and a lot of drug dealing, so that area might be good.

Thank you Councilor Mapp for adding some sanity to this city.

Pat said...

Please no four-way stop sign intersections. No one knows how to use them. They'll cause chaos.

Jeff said...

Good ideas, but "portable" concerns me. In this town, permanent can not be stolen, "portable" will disappear.

Anonymous said...

Please, please address the chronic problem of speeders on Watchung Ave. They put all of us at risk (particularly anyone daring to ride a bike, walk a dog or simply walk down the street) and there has been only minimal enforcement here over the past 5 years. This is both a critical safety issue and an important quality-of-life issue for the residents of Plainfield and we need your leadership to address it!

Anonymous said...

I think they should put speed bumps every 3" in the area where there is gang violence.

Sandra Johnson said...

Wow! There are way too many close calls and tragedies that could be prevented by drivers doing the right thing. Thanks for sharing your post!!
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