Thursday, June 18, 2009

With Sincere Gratitude to My Beloved City of Plainfield

Now that the dust has settled and the clouds have cleared and people have, hopefully, returned to their way of life in the wake of the Plainfield elections, I want to take this opportunity to once again congratulate the Mayor on her victory.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank the voters of Plainfield for the consideration given to me and, although I did not win the mayoralty, I won the hearts, minds, and trust of Plainfielders across the city, to whom I will always be grateful.

I must give a special thanks to my entire campaign team, who worked extremely hard every day of the campaign because they love Plainfield; they believed in me, and they believed in the cause. I want to thank my lovely wife, Amelia, and our two wonderful daughters, Ayisha and Shermona, for their sacrifices.

The battle I waged was a formidable one; the cause in which I believe is just, and my desire for change that will lead to the transformation of our city lives on. My determination to make a difference in the lives of everyone living in Plainfield has not been deterred, and my resolve remains strong.

My vision for the city that I love so very much will not be clouded or derailed by the slender margin given to another, but rather will be nurtured by the many souls who continue to call for positive change. What I began the campaign thinking of as "my" vision for the city has become our collective vision--the input I received from the residents as I walked through this city helped clarify our shared vision of hope as we move forward over the next several years. My friends, our vision lives on.

I will continue to be a voice for honest, ethical leadership, and I will hold myself and my colleagues accountable only to you, the residents of our wonderful city.

Thank you, my beloved city of Plainfield!


Anonymous said...

Hello Adrian,

I'm glad to see you're going after the PMUA, that has dogged me since I moved here. During your campaign, you made a lot of statements about how you were going to bring back Muhlenberg and make it a full hospital again, and get back the license to operate. Are you going to do that now, since you are still on the city council? You must have enough juice to get it done since everyone wants it. If you got that done before November, you can be a write in campaign would end better than the primary did!

Anonymous said...


Just because there were more numbers on one side vs. another, does not mean that Plainfield wants her for a mayor, it just means she got more votes.

I firmly believe that the citizens of Plainfield are behind you, and while you do not have the official title, I believe you have the support. Glad you are on the council looking out for your interests.

Anonymous said...

I was at last night’s meeting, and was shocked to see only Adrian Mapp and Rashid Burney representing the council. It’s obvious that Adrian and his team are going to stay very much involved with the way the city is being run. My hat’s off to Adrian for putting the city first. The majority of the rental units are in the first ward, and I DID NOT see councilwoman Linda Carter present. I don’t think she’s paying attention to the support base that JG is building in the first ward. This year alone, he picked up over 300 new supports in that ward. And also, we have a large amount of rental units in the second ward. So its obvious from the reaction of the crowd to JG, this is a new base of support that he’s built since the Obama campaign. It’s clear that Mapp isn’t sleeping on this fact, but Linda Carter happens to be. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the New Democrats start working together with the Assemblyman because Adrian recognizes the support base JG’s built in the 1st and 4th wards, while Mapp and his team came out of the 3rd ward with 50% of the vote, and have currently, a good support base in the 2nd ward. But based upon last night’s meeting and the tenant’s reaction to the Assemblyman, it is only a matter of time before JG cuts into that 2nd ward support base.

Take it to the bank: If I was Linda, I would wake up and smell the coffee!!


If Adrian and the New Dems were talking to the Assemblyman the way they are now, Adrian would probably be mayor NOW!