Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Good Government and Ethical Leadership

Plainfield is blessed with having highly capable employees who are seriously interested and committed to moving the City forward through their daily efforts. However, due to the lack of leadership, they are not being heard. This has hurt the city tremendously, because it is the frontline employees who are often in the best position to identify cost savings and to suggest changes that can benefit the City.

As Mayor, my administration will utilize the employees of the City as partners in Government. My administration will empower the city employees to implement changes that are beneficial to the city and will create faster response times to addressing issues plaguing the city. My administration will not be the dictatorial form of government that is practiced by the current mayor in Plainfield today; my government will be inclusive of ALL people.

A strong and effective government is one that is built on CONSENSUS. Great leaders, from Abraham Lincoln to President Barack Obama, believed in the involvement of the ordinary citizen and worker towards the creation of a more sound and responsive government.

That is what Good leadership and good government looks like. That is what I will be as the Mayor. Real change can come to Plainfield, but it requires REAL leadership. I will provide that leadership with you as my partner, as my team member, and certainly as my check and balance.

Regards, Adrian

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