Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Crime and Public Safety: A Clarification

Captain El-Amin's comment on my previous post regarding the mayor's inaction on crime and public safety deserves clarification. It turns out that the very competitive COPS grant I referred to in an earlier post was applied for by the administration by the deadline, but without council knowledge or approval. This means that the administration failed once again in its fiduciary and legal responsibility to keep the governing body informed about all significant grants that will be applied for.

This instance highlights the continued failure of this mayor to communicate with the council except in a rushed, haphazard, and last-minute way. The governing body is supposed to approve grant applications before they are sent out—failure to communicate with us about this grant is par for the course of this administration, which clearly feels it does not have to be transparent and accountable to the people or the governing body of Plainfield.

The resolution the captain is referring to is a blanket resolution that I proposed—one that would enable the police to apply for significant grants through President Obama’s Stimulus Plan in a timely fashion without the city having to suffer from waiting until the last minute. The reason I proposed this resolution was to ensure that the administration would not wait until the last minute (as is their standard operating procedure) to file for certain grants.

It is the ethical responsibility of the mayor to fully and openly communicate with the governing body about all grants. To say that “The application was submitted on-line electronically by the deadline” WITHOUT council approval just highlights the lack of accountability on the part of the administration.

That said, our police force deserves the full support of the governing body, the administration, and our community. A Mapp administration would ensure that all grants are applied for and that the city council and the public remain informed about all crime fighting efforts in a timely fashion.




Anonymous said...

Adrian, I believe that either in April or the last March mee ting the Council at the City Administrator's request gave him the right to apply for grants which had become available and had a deadline before the next Coun cil meeting.The Council agreed to approve retroactively.

In this case Administration acted within the lines you(Council) granted it. With the one bussin esss meeting a month the Council has abdicated some of its fiduciary responsibility to Administration. olddoc.

Adrian Mapp said...

I will look into it, Doc. I have expressed my displeasure with the reduced council schedule and would be happy to have the original format returned.