Monday, November 3, 2008

Voters beware

Voters beware—on the eve of this historic election, the poorly and inaccurately-designed weekend mailer from Jerry Green, chairman of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee, may end up confusing voters at my expense. In the glossy, full-sized mailer sent to voters by Jerry Green, my name is listed as being in Row 10A. In actuality, THERE IS NO 10A. My name, Adrian Mapp, is in Row 9A, the last name on the ballot in column A.

This is reminiscent of a similar occurrence in the recent June primary. During the primary, we received calls at our headquarters from 3rd Ward voters asking whether there was a deliberate attempt by the Union County Clerk to confuse voters in the 3rd Ward by placing my name in the same column as one of my opponents, something that, until then, was unheard of in primary elections. My name, along with Olive Lynch's, was placed in Column E, making it appear as if she and I were running on the same slate.

Many of you called our campaign office last spring with questions as to why this unprecedented and confusing ballot was prepared. The answer from Ms. Rajoppi was that there was not enough room on the ballot. Please note that the current ballot has many more columns than the primary. Let us be vigilant to make sure that this strange and unprecedented inconsistency does not emerge on future Plainfield ballots.

Fortunately, however, voters in Plainfield were (and are) far too smart and sophisticated about the ballot process. The Secretary of State, Nina Mitchell Wells, the official in charge of elections in the state of New Jersey, has herself stated, “Go to the polls with the utmost confidence that your vote will be counted.”

Plainfielders as well as all other Union County residents should rest assured with the knowledge that the Secretary of State will be called in to monitor any future ballot inconsistencies.

So, please note, 3rd Ward voters: my name is the last name on the ballot in column A, so please cast your vote for me as your 3rd ward councilman. Let local leaders know that you cannot be fooled or misled.

In the 3rd Ward, the local Democratic candidates running with Barack Obama and Joseph Biden (1A) are:

Annie C. McWilliams 8A
Adrian Mapp 9A

Polls are open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm!



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Anonymous said...

Why would Green design such a blatanlt incorrect mailer. Who is Annette Quijano and what was she running for?? She was not on the sample ballot I received from the county. Where did Green get this name from? Is she somebody who will be running in Plainfield at some other point? Has Green gone of what some have called "the deep end" again?