Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to My Blog!

Thank you for visiting "Mapping It Out," my new blog. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you on how we can make Plainfield a better place for all of our residents. I want to restore a sense of hope in Plainfield. Transparency in government has been sorely lacking, and effective leadership is what is needed to bring the Queen City into the future. I look forward to your comments.

Best regards, Adrian


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Mapp,

It is nice to see that your blog allows for comments, unlike Assemblyman Green's blog.

I'd like to share you with and your readers a situation that I find totally hypocritical and in sharp contrast to Assemblyman Green's recent comments on his blog.

It seems the Assemblyman is concerned about non-for-profit organizations purchasing properties in Plainfield which result in those properties being taken off the taxrolls. Apparently, the Assemblyman feels it's okay to have properties taken off the taxroll if those properties BELONG TO HIM because that is exactly what has occurred in Linden. Assemblyman Green sold property he owned on St. George Avenue to the Union County Improvement Authority for almost a quarter of a million dollars. The property is to be part of the Morning Star project. His property is no longer on the taxrolls and sits in the possession ot the Union County Improvement Authority. Why is this okay? From reading Assemblyman Green's blog, this is NOT okay. What separates his deal from any others?

Anonymous said...

Assemblyman Green sold that property not for a quarter of a million dollars. He sold it for THREE quarters of a million dollars for that Morningstar project. Nice chunk of change.