Monday, June 27, 2016

Good Police/Community Relations are Vital to a Community's Well Being

What would our community be like without the presence and actions of our Police Officers?  
Try to imagine our society functioning each day without a body of law enforcement…try to imagine waking up to a world where criminals run rampant and the citizens have only themselves to rely on for protection…try to understand what that world would be like.…

Luckily, that is not a scenario we will have to put to the test. Here in Plainfield, we have a dedicated police force that works tirelessly to ensure the safety of all Plainfield citizens. Click on the link to view the Plainfield Police Division's website, which contains detailed information on the division's bureaus, on public safety, on crime prevention, and more: Plainfield Police Division. While appreciating the efforts they make on our behalf each day, we recognize that it is physically impossible for them to be everywhere at all times, which is why it’s important to have strong bonds between the community and law enforcement. It is not just important, but it is vital for the continued well-being of Plainfield that these bonds are developed and nurtured and our police officers are seen as community partners.

With this in mind, our local law enforcement body has created numerous outreach and community-oriented initiatives to strengthen ties and create stronger bonds. Our police force has never been as interactive with our community as they are today. Due to the strengthening of our Division-Wide Community Policing philosophy, our officers provide directed patrols to various areas of the community on a daily basis, where they walk and positively engage the community. The Command Staff, including the Director of Public Safety, Carl Riley, is also a part of this initiative and participates on a weekly basis. 

The Police force is actively engaged with programs like DARE and, throughout the school year, participated in several career day activities at various schools around Plainfield. Currently underway is the Summer Fun with Plainfield First Responders, which started on June 20th and which runs until July 1st, from 12 noon to 1:30pm at the Plainfield Public Library. This is a collaborative effort between Police, Fire and EMS to positively engage our Plainfield youth and entails quality interaction from both parties which will ultimately lead to better awareness among our youth and encourage strong community spirit.

Another initiative is the Queen City Mentoring Academy, which will run from July 18th – August 5th at Hubbard Middle School. This quality program, expanded from last year, allows approximately 50 of our young people to be mentored by police officers, again offering quality time with good, solid role models. 

In the spirit of engaging on a social level with residents, the Police Benevolent Association will be hosting a Community Cookout in each ward at a park location. The first one will be on Thursday June 30th, at Hannah Atkins Park, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. 

Plainfield, the closer and more interactive we are with our law enforcement officers, the more effective they can be at doing their jobs of serving and protecting us. They are our family members, neighbors, and friends. They want to enjoy the same quality of life that we do. They want to live in a safe and secure environment. They want their children to feel safe walking the streets, and they are as dedicated as any one of us to doing whatever it takes to make that happen. 

If we are to move ahead and truly build in the spirit of One Plainfield with One future, then law enforcement MUST be an integral part of making that happen…each collaborative and cooperative effort we participate in makes our great City that much safer. 

This community oneness is vital for our Plainfield to grow and move ahead.

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