Thursday, July 18, 2013

Y.O.U. - We Are So Proud of You!

Last evening, I had the opportunity to attend a candlelight vigil on the steps of City Hall. This vigil was organized by the Youth Organization for Unity (YOU) in support of the call for justice for young Trayvon Martin and his family. I am extremely proud of our young people, who were able to organize a candlelight peace and justice vigil on such short notice.  The large turnout was not only an expression of disappointment at the miscarriage of justice; it was a show of support for our young people, who are the leaders of tomorrow. I encourage the members of Y.O.U. and young people everywhere to take a stand in support of justice for all, and to speak out against injustice where ever it rears its ugly head. 

Y.O.U., we are so proud of you. Our future is in good hands – minus one pair.



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