Friday, May 31, 2013

"Mapp a Better Choice for Mayor": Dottie Gutenkauf in Courier-News

COURIER-NEWS: Mapp a Better Choice for Mayor

May 29, 2013
Letter to the Editor:
I’m sure this will come as a surprise to many of my friends in all parts of Plainfield, because in the past I’ve supported Sharon Robinson-Briggs every time she ran for office. But not this year, and here’s why. 

Plainfield’s city administration has been characterized by conflict and incompetence since Sharon took office in January 2006. We’ve had so many city administrators that I’ve lost count and couldn’t possibly name them all. We haven’t had a full-time chief financial officer, as both the Plainfield charter and state law mandate, and the result is that the city’s finances have consistently been in disarray — as they still are. The City Council hasn’t received a budget on time for years. There has been so much turnover in the city administration that the result has been constant chaos and failure to run the city efficiently and effectively. 

Many of us have been very patient, hoping Sharon would get her act together and that the situation would improve — but that hasn’t happened. Sharon has, I believe, become increasingly infatuated with what she perceives as her power as mayor. But Plainfield is not a monarchy, and what our community needs is a leader, not a queen. We need a mayor who can work in cooperation with the City Council to do what is best for Plainfield and all its citizens — a mayor who is willing to accept responsibility and not try to blame others when things go wrong, as they often do. That’s no way to lead — it just doesn’t work, and often it makes things worse. That’s what we’ve seen in city hall, and it’s time for a change.
I’m not a “New Democrat,” and I don’t believe Adrian Mapp walks on water. But this year I’m supporting Adrian for mayor of Plainfield because I believe he can conduct the business of the city in a professional manner, without the hugs and kisses that have been Sharon’s trademark, and that he will be able to get things done appropriately and in a legally proper way. We need to put an end to the constant disruptions that have prevented the city from moving forward. I believe Adrian will work with the City Council, our legislative representatives — Nick Scutari, Jerry Green, and Linda Stender — as well as the freeholders, now chaired by Plainfield’s Linda Carter, and all the citizens of Plainfield.

It’s time to bring us all together, no matter where we live, to improve our city and bring it into the 21st century. What Plainfield needs is competence, not charisma. We need to become one Plainfield, one community, and we can make that happen by choosing Adrian Mapp as Plainfield’s next mayor. 

I hope Plainfield’s citizens will join me on Tuesday, June 4, in voting for Adrian Mapp and all the Democratic candidates in Column B. 

Dottie Gutenkauf


Anonymous said...

... Why did Dottie have to mention "walk on water"? Does she believe that Sharon has much damage that it would take a "Saviour" and not a Mayor to undo the damage Sharon has done? And did it take Dottie eight years to figure out Sharon ineptness (I hope that is word)?

I am supporting and voting for you Mr. Adrian Mapp because you, in my mind, ARE THE ONLY CHOICE!

Anonymous said...

Reread Dottie's letter, my friend. She doesn't think Adrian walks on water but rather that he will be a better mayor. I hope she's right!