Monday, October 29, 2012

Emergency Shelters in Plainfield

Dear Plainfield residents,

I hope that you are all staying inside during this very dangerous hurricane, as there is the potential for serious injury from falling trees, flooding, and other related mishaps. Please note that Plainfield's Department of Public Safety has posted the following notice:

In the event evacuation is necessary and you are not able to make prior arrangements to relocate to a safe area, please respond to the nearest receiving center listed below:

EMERSON SCHOOL: 305 Emerson Avenue (East)
WASHINGTON SCHOOL: 427 Darrow Avenue (West)
PLAINFIELD SENIOR CENTER: 400 East Front Street (Central)



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is what I sent to Dan this morning. I am so disgusted, this is a disgrace. Why do we keep wasting taxpayers money.

Good morning Dan I hope all is well and you guys are getting through the storm. I just have 1 question why have administration hired Dave Spaulding to do consultant work when he resigned from his position to keep from getting fired. This is a disgrace he's still making more than his salary off the backs of us the TAX PAYER'S i am disgusted with this. Council is not doing their JOBS. this is a shame.