Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Come Join in the Fun - Plainfield Together as One

Recently, I have been reflecting on the city of Plainfield and its problems, and what came to mind was the fact that our city has been suffering from “divisionitis” for far too long; it’s an ailment that has thwarted the city’s progress over the past six years. This is a disease that cries out for a cure; it is one that I intend to work toward eradicating so as to restore the city to its rightful place as a healthy and thriving place for everyone living here, and as destination for those in search of a city to call home.

I have already begun, in earnest, to reach out to the disparate arms of our local party (the New Democrats for Plainfield political club, for which I serve as president, independent Democrats, and so-called “old” Democrats) in an attempt to bring us all together as a strong and vibrant Plainfield Democratic Party, one that holds strong to Democratic ideal as reflected in our national party platform.

Over the course of the next ninety-seven days, I will be working in partnership with Plainfield Democratic Chairman Jerry Green to build party unity for the immediate purpose of getting a very strong voter turnout not only for President Obama, but for Senator Robert Menendez, Congressman Rush Holt, the Union County Freeholders, and every Democrat on the November ballot. Beyond November, I will continue to work with the chairman to build the kind of unity that has been missing in our local party. My message to New Democrats and Old democrats is very clear: it is through working together that we can build a better and brighter future for all of Plainfield; we must work through our differences (while maintaining our principles) and harvest the positive energy that we have in order to bring vibrancy back to our city.

During the course of the next few months, you will see Plainfield coming together; there will be nothing old and nothing new—just Democrats working together for the common good and a common goal: the election of all Democrats on the November ballot. Whichever end of the Democratic spectrum you find yourself on, I ask you to join forces with the local party so we can make this election season the beginning of true transformation in our city and as reflected in President Obama’s policies. Let’s build for November and beyond.

It is in this spirit that I extend to all an invitation to the Fifth Annual Mapp for Plainfield Community Barbeque, hosted by Amelia and me at our home, 535 West 8th Street in Plainfield. We look forward to welcoming all of you, regardless of your party affiliation.

Come join in the fun, Plainfield…together as one.




Anonymous said...

As a registered democrat I will be supporting you Adrian but I will not be supporting the party line.I will support you because of your values, vision, and accomplishments not because you are a democrat. You mentioned that "divisionitis" has been a problem for so long yet voting the party line is part of what causes this "divisionits" problem. The democratic party in plainfield is the perfect example with 3 different groups of democrats with different values etc. If your divided amongst your own how can there ever be unity? Voting the party line is why plainfield will never improve, voters need to look at whos running and what they stand for and have accomplished to better plainfield and not what party they are affiliated with. Voters need to start looking at whos the best person for the job, be it democrat or republican the city needs a change and needs leadership that actually wants to improve the city and not just keep the status quo. There is nothing wrong with party loyalty but all too often there are much better candidates not on the party line that dont get elected and the city suffers. So voters pay attention and educate yourselves, get involved, ask your questions and concerns, cast your vote and be heard. GO VOTE FOR THE BEST CANDIDATE NOT THE PARTY! (Adrian, I hope you post this)

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Adrian, the "divisionitis" you cite goes back longer--much longer--than six years. I wish it were a "new" development, but unfortunately it isn't, and a lot of people have been responsible for creating the problem. We all have to pursue, first and foremost, what is best for Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

i wish everyone in plainfield can read your comment. its about time enough of the idiotic politics in plainfield.