Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Proposed Muhlenberg Development:Town Hall at Cedarbrook School

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 – 7:00 PM
Cedarbrook School
1049 Central Avenue

Dear Friends,

The Board of Muhlenberg has proposed demolishing the hospital and replacing it with 600 units of housing. Several questions arise, among them:

  • Does this type of development make sense? 
  • Is this too much density for that neighborhood? 
  • Is this what Plainfield needs? 
  • Are the ratables enough to offset the costs to the city and to the school system? 
  • Why housing only? Why is there not a commercial component to what has been proposed? 
  • What are the alternatives? 

What are your thoughts? Come share them with me and the rest of the Council, along with the Muhlenberg Board. 




Anonymous said...


JFK Health Systems made a colossal mistake when they did not include the community's input in their studies. The community will overwhelmingly come out against this proposal, it is dead on arrival.

The development requests are not permitted uses of the properties as currently defined in the Land Use Ordinances. The Land Use boards and the City Council would be within their rights to turn down JFK's 'dream'.

What I am afraid will happen is that the buildings will be boarded up and the property fenced in as JFK has stated that they will not continue to pay to maintain the campus. I would personally hate to see this happen as this boarded up dinosaur would be around for many years to come. Though, I must admit that some of the neighboring residents stated they preferred this to a development.

What then? The City should IMMEDIATELY begin the process to start assessing REAL ESTATE TAXES. The campus no longer has a license to operate as an acute care facility so it is no longer eligible for a tax waiver. The nominal square footage used for the Emergency Room could be deducted.

What would happen then? This will immediately put pressure on JFK to work with the City. I am sure they will sue, but let them,(more pressure). So mail them their tax bill today and make it retroactive to the day they gave up their license. MAIL THE BILL!

I don't feel we as a City should fear redevelopment of the campus, whether it is composed of medical facilities, residents, retail or a big green park. But the development should be done on a scale that fits within it surroundings, it should be sustainable, and the process must include the stakeholders.


jim spear

Anonymous said...

Right on, Jim! TAX, TAX, TAX, retro to August 13, 2008. They may "abandon" the property but they will continue to have to pay, and lord knows the city needs the money to fix the PMUA problem among other things. Corporate greed strikes again and it has hit us hard.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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