Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene: Notice to constituents based on my conversation with Plainfield's Public Safety Director

UPDATE: Designated shelters are Washington Community School (427 Darrow Ave), Emerson Community School (305 Emerson Ave), and the Plainfield Senior Citizens Center (400 E. Front St).

The City is prepared for Irene.

Police HQ will be used as the command center.

Flyers have been prepared and will be distributed to low-lying areas that maybe prone to flooding.

A six-wheel drive vehicle capable of climbing steps is available for use.

The Fire Department is ready with boats in the event of severe flooding where people have to be rescued.

DPW, Police, and Fire are available to assist residents and to respond to emergencies.

Meals were ordered in case people have to be placed into shelters.

The voluminous emergency plan document is up to date as it relates to Police and Fire; the portion dealing with shelters is awaiting approval from the State Police.

The city is preparing for the worst and has ordered plenty of supplies, including food that can easily be prepared.

Chain-saw crews will be on standby to clear city streets.

PSE&G has been contacted and will respond as quickly as possible.

City shelters will be identified by Friday and will be posted on the City of Plainfield website



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Adrian Mapp said...

To The Two Anon Commenters:

I appreciate you bringing to my attention the incident involving a female Plainfield Police Officer who was allegedly caught shoplifting at Kohl’s in Watchung; however, I will not post your comments since it has only been alleged up to this point. I will be making inquiries of the administration and will seek to get the facts. Thank you!