Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Governor Christie's Tunnel Vision: A Great Stroke of Genius

Most people would agree that Governor Christie's public persona often times takes on the appearance of the proverbial bull in a china shop. On a recent episode of Myth Busters, a popular program seen on the Discovery Channel, two bulls were allowed to run freely through a china shop stocked with the finest china. To everyone's surprise, the bulls carefully navigated the aisles of the china shop without touching any of the shelves, let alone breaking any of the china.

Governor Christie’s threat to kill the ARC project could be a well thought-out and calculated move designed solely for the purpose of gaining the attention of the Obama Administration and the New Jersey congressional delegation. The Governor’s power play has all the markings of a thug who pushes his prey up against the wall, puts a toy gun to his head, and issues a frightening demand - “your money or your life.” The prey, not wanting to lose it all, and mindful of the many people that would suffer as a result of his untimely demise, reluctantly turns over that which the thug demands. By turning over his cash, the prey escapes with his life and prevents the pain and suffering that might have been the outcome.

Any leader who is able to bull rush or navigate his way through the minefield of state politics to ascend to the office of Governor, knows a thing or two about putting himself out there exposed to public scrutiny. He or she must not be averse to taking risk, and Governor Christie has shown that he is not.

Governor Christie knows the importance of the ARC project to New Jersey and to the many municipalities that are awaiting its completion. The potential for development along the miles of rail lines traveling through many of NJ’s depressed municipalities offers hope for tax relief and stabilization through economic renewal and revitalization. The ARC project will provide a jolt to many stalled projects throughout the state of New Jersey.

Governor Christie’s announced “kill” of the ARC project sent shock waves throughout the state that were felt as far away as the White House. His threat appears, on the surface, to be tunnel vision, but in reality I believe it to be a calculated bluff - a great stroke of genius. I am confident that the Governor will reverse his decision and the project will move ahead at an accelerated pace with promises of additional funding from the federal government.

If, by charging through the china shop, the bull is able to clear the aisles for New Jersey to Access Real China, without the incurring of any breakage that would have to be cleaned up by New Jersey tax payers, then the Governor’s announced kill would truly be a great stroke of genius, and the ends will have justified the means.

Regards, Adrian


Bernice said...

Very clever and, in my opinion, accurate observation.

Anonymous said...

I have often thought that the reason Plainfield has had no developers allowed to come to the table was because Jerry was holding out for his croonies. Now that there is a possibility that the ARC project may not go through, I see two great things happening:

1 - The project goes through and Jerry's croonies only make a 200% profit off the backs of New Jerseyans as opposed to 1000%

2 - The tunnel does not go through and real developers who know what they are doing come in and develope Plainfield, because Jerry cannot hand out any contracts

Either way, I think we win.

Anonymous said...

Plainfield had developers come in, only to be told by MD that the money was the wrong color. Money is green is it not?? Plainfield flushed that possibility down the toilet due to racism. Bad move when it comes to adding jobs and housing and TAX REVENUE.