Monday, March 15, 2010

Queen City Baseball League: Doing "Good" By and For Our Children

Whenever an administration at any level of government does anything within its power that runs counter to the interest of the people, the legislative branch of government has a responsibility to act; that means creating legislation to correct the harm that was done or that can be done to its citizens in violation of the public good.

I am again urging my colleagues to join me in passing legislation that would grant use of the City's baseball field (s) to the Queen City Baseball League (QCBL) for the modest annual fee of $1.00. The administration has clearly, by its behavior and by its communication to the QCBL, demonstrated a hard-line position intended to prevent the QCBL from being a force in the city for the good of our children. We have been talking for months but now, we, the governing body of Plainfield, must act.

Moreover, we must, at every turn, continue to do what is right. Legislation intent on creating pathways that lead our children to clean recreational pursuits which may, one day, lead to life-changing opportunities must be given priority. Furthermore, protective legislation should be written to tie the hands of self-serving, obstructionist individuals who are hellbent on placing barriers into the path of those, such as the members of QCBL, whose only agenda is the empowerment of Plainfield's youth.

We must always be “for the cause that needs assistance, against the wrongs that need resistance, for the future in the distance, and that the good that we can do.” (George Linnaeus Banks)

Let's do “good” by and for our children; let's help as many as possible get to home plate.




olddoc said...

Go Man Go!

SRoyal said...

This the support our children of the Queen City need. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Could you and the council make this happen...we need QCBL. They are a positive and awesome club, I was actually going to call South Plainfield today to see if we could join their league...if QCBL is pushed out!!! My boys just want to play baseball!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

Rob said...

Thank you for taking a stand against the egotistical self serving administrator of this city...Bravo! If only more of your fellow council members would call this woman out.

Anonymous said...

All right other Council Members, you say that you represent your constituencies, now do it. Pass a resolution that fairly allows all of our youth to use OUR fields.
Margaret A. Lewis

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mapp can you find out why QCBL kept telling people that the City was not going to have a baseball program. I normally check things out myself but they seemed so convincing, so I went ahead and registered my child. They also keep saying that there are 200 children in the program but I am having doubts now. Is it really 200 kids, are there going to be enough kids to play? Please find out the truth because it is really starting to make me wonder what else we were told that may not have been the truth. I think the fair thing would have been to allow people to make their choice based on the truth. What message are we sending to the kids?

Anonymous said...

If the City gives QCBL use of the fields for $1.00 what about the kids that registered for the City league. QCBL ended their registration weeks ago. Where are those kids suppose to play? Someone needs to step up, come up with a schedule that is fair and based upon the number of children. They say they have 200 and the City has 60. Get the actual count from both leagues and work it out. If anyone can do it you can Adrian!! Let us know what you come up with.

Jeff said...

Anyone that would quash an activity such as baseball, or any other sport for that matter in the city should not be representing our city. Our youths deserve the opportunity to play in the city. Its not like we need to build the fields and dont have the money to do so. Would we prefer they join one of the local gangs?? Batter up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks like Monday is going to be a really busy night. Not just because of the Senior Center, but Queen City Baseball League had evening games last night, but one of the games had to be cancelled because Dave Wynn locked up the bases at the Rock Avenue complex and made sure to make himself unavailable (he changed the locks and didn't tell anyone nor did he provide a key).
How petty!
How this man remains in his position is a mystery (or not).
The Plainfield children just want to play baseball.