Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Mayor Dropped the Ball - -Part Two

Regarding my remarks concerning Council President Burney’s behavior at this past Thursday’s special meeting, I stand by what I wrote about the attempted violation of the Sunshine law. I was frustrated by Council President Burney’s lack of knowledge about how many votes are needed for any resolution to pass, especially after he has spent so many years on the council. The meeting was taped and will be transcribed and I believe it will second my statements about the sequence of events. Be that as it may, I do not feel that it will harm our working together on behalf of the residents of Plainfield.

Here are some additional thoughts as to why I say, “The Mayor Dropped the Ball!”

Later in the evening, at the special meeting of Thursday, September 24, I informed my colleagues and the administration that it was my position that the city-owned property upon which the Monarch was constructed was illegally conveyed by to the developer by the city’s redevelopment agency, the Union County Improvement Association (UCIA). I arrived at this conclusion based on two documents in my possession:

1) Resolution 281-06, adopted on June 21, 2006, that required Mayor Robinson-Briggs to execute an agreement with the UCIA; and

2) Resolution 402-06, adopted on August 23, 2006, amending the original resolution and requiring the Mayor to execute another agreement with the UCIA. The following facts are critical to this discussion:

The Inter-local Service Agreement (ILA) between the City and the UCIA, which was part of Resolution 281-06 that was to be executed by the Mayor and attested to by the City Clerk, was never executed.

Resolution 402-06, which made reference to an ILA dated July 05, 2006, in its first paragraph was flawed because no such properly executed ILA exists;

Resolution 402-06 attempted to amend resolution 281-06 to add the Monarch city-owned site to the sites intended to be controlled by the UCIA, but this amendment, which was required to be executed by the Mayor and attested by the City Clerk was never executed.

In summary, none of the agreements between the City and the UCIA in its role as the city’s redevelopment agency were ever executed.

The Mayor dropped the ball. This deserves an explanation and a cure before any further action or discussion on a proposed abatement occurs.

It should be noted that I made a request for signed agreements from the administration, but none were presented. I obtained the documents that formed the basis for my conclusion from the office of the City Clerk, who serves as the Custodian of all city records.

Regards, Adrian


Anonymous said...

Great work Adrian! It would seem that sloppiness and a lack of attention to details from this administration could affect more than just an inappropriate movie title.

If I understand this, does this mean that the City of Plainfield is already the legal owner of the Monarch? Could you please “Mapp” out the specifics of how this might play through? Also, what are the legal implications facing the administration and the city if this is indeed true?

Anonymous said...

While I applaud you for bringing up these issues, I am frustrated because I am not sure that there will be a fair review of your points.

In questioning if the agreement was executed, who will decide, corporation council? That doesn't provide me with the feeling that the determination will be fair.

And if it is decided that the contract was never executed, what happens then? My fear is nothing.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I hope you will be able to deliver a fair conclusion.

Stan said...

What's the purpose of having "corporation council" if they aren't looking for fairness for the residents of Plainfield? It would seem to me that the mayor, cc, and administration are corrupt. Keep bringing these issues to the front. Maybe someone in Trenton will finally listen. They could have at least 44 arrests right here in Plainfield.

Yep I Said It! said...

So Adrian -

I guess -who was it ummm. . . Dan Williamson??? He couldn't come up with the documents only a story about the history. Well stories aren't evidence in court. It is the lack of documentation that will get the corrupt where they need to be. And that place is out of Plainfield.

Sharon may have dropped the ball but PLEASE Councilman Mapp . . . let us Plainfielders not just watch the ball roll.

Jerry, Sharon, Marc Dashield, Dan Williamson and all Jerry's puppets must go TO JAIL!

Oh, excuse me . . . was that too harsh? Okay then . . . just get them out of Plainfield!

Anonymous said...

This is scary stuff. I hope the people of Plainfield take notice.

I shutter to think of what else goes on without our knowledge.

That is why Plainfield is in the position of being a dumping ground. Self Serving decisions, not a bit of conern about the citizens of Plainfield, and a group of battered down people who have given up.

Let's hope people will wake up, and get smart and vote Republican for this ever important election for mayor, and assembly.

You would rather have this ineptitude than try something else? Come on!

Thank you Councilman Mapp.

Anonymous said...

These sort of sloppy endeavors are the trademark of this completely incapeable administration, and as we know soon to be re elected group of nare do wells.

When will the time arrive when the electorate seizes the chance to better themselves, and pulls the plug on any group of self serving vampires like we have in and around city hall.

Under the best of circumstances the future of this city is up for grabs. An awful lot is stacked against us. I hope that the day will come when the "loyal opposition" become our top leaders.